Advantages and principles of Marble Microwave Drying Equipment

Marble microwave drying equipment is used for drying artificial marble fast curing honeycomb ceramics, daily ceramics, glass fiber, nanomaterials, foam ceramics and other microporous ceramics, which can help stone processing plants to solve a series of problems such as low yield, such as holes and cracks, pollution and high production cost.

Advantages of marble microwave drying equipment:

1.The microwave drying machine of marble produced by Leader Microwave Equipment Company improves the yield of stone. The marble microwave drying machine uses pipeline to transport stone, which is stable and easy to connect with the front and rear processing process, which reduces the turning and handling of stone, avoids the rupture of plate to a great extent, and improves the integrity and qualified rate of plate.

2.Marble microwave drying equipment covers a small area.

Microwave drying marble equipment is compact and simple, can be quickly assembled and disassembled, and it is easy to be spliced with the equipment in the previous and rear processes, with high flexibility, saving site, saving cost and expanding profit space.

3.The microwave drying equipment of marble is easy to control.

Microwave marble drying equipment through PLC automatic control system to achieve automatic production. Its feed speed, temperature and humidity and other parameters can be easily adjusted according to the different plate. The microwave heating does not need the waste heat, and does not have the waste heat, i.e., on and off, that is, the shutdown is stopped, and the energy utilization rate is high.

4.Microwave stone drying equipment is safe and efficient.

Microwave heating has the characteristics of internal and external heating, the heat will not continue to dry from the outside to the inside, resulting in uneven deformation and fracture of stone. But uniform heating, fast and efficient. Shorten the heating time and reduce the drying temperature to avoid the high temperature of the factory threatening the safety of workers.

5.Marble microwave drying equipment sanitation and environmental protection.

The drying energy of marble microwave drying equipment is electricity, avoiding the use of coal, saving space, saving manpower, sanitation and convenience. Microwave heating production process will not produce soot and waste water and other harmful substances to pollute the environment, in line with the requirements of sustainable development.

6.The production cost of marble microwave drying equipment is low.

Marble microwave drying equipment itself covers a small area and saves the cost of the site. The conversion rate of power to microwave energy is high, and there is no waste heat preheating energy consumption in the heating process, so as to avoid heating air and body and reduce energy waste. High degree of automatic production line, reduce labor costs, reduce human operation errors, improve production efficiency.

Drying principle of marble microwave drying equipment:

When the dielectric is placed in the alternating electromagnetic field, the molecule with asymmetric charge is excited by the alternating electromagnetic field and rotates. Due to the irregular thermal motion of the original molecule in the material and the interaction between the adjacent molecules, the rotation of the molecule is interfered and limited, resulting in a “friction effect”. As a result, part of the energy is transformed into the thermal motion function of the molecule, that is, it is expressed in the form of heat, so that the material is heated. That is, electric field energy is converted into potential energy, and later it is converted into thermal energy, so as to achieve drying purpose. Using this principle, the microwave brown pillow type drying machine can produce high-quality brown pillow.

China is rich in natural marble and quartz mineral resources. At present, the market demand for natural marble, artificial marble and artificial quartz is also increasing. It is urgent to make rational use of rich resources to meet the huge demand. Marble microwave drying equipment is a new choice for stone processing industry because of its safety and efficiency, health and environmental protection, low cost and high yield.