Characteristics of Microwave Drying Equipment for Tremella

With the improvement of living standards, people have gradually changed from satiety to good eating. They should not only eat comfortably but also eat healthily. More and more healthy food materials have appeared on people’s dinner tables, such as tremella. Tremella is a good tonic, contains a lot of nutritional elements, often eat tremella can improve the ability of liver detoxification, increase the immune ability to prevent the loss of calcium, but also play a role of beauty and remove freckle.

Dry tremella

In the production process, tremella is usually dried so that it can be stored for longer. And the drying equipment we usually use is the tremella microwave drying equipment developed and manufactured by Leader Microwave Equipment company.

Microwave drying equipment for tremella

Advantages of tremella microwave drying equipment:

1.High efficiency, no waste of energy

The microwave produced by the tremella microwave drying equipment can directly act on tremella itself, so that tremella can be dried directly. The equipment itself or air and other media do not need to be heated, which is not only efficient but also no waste of energy.

2.Fast drying speed

The microwave drying and sterilization equipment of tremella is to heat and dry both inside and outside of tremella through microwave. Water from the inside out diffusion evaporation, drying speed.

3.Safety and environmental protection

In the process of heating and drying tremella, tremella microwave drying machine uses very clean electricity energy, and there will be no waste in the drying process.

4.Easy to operate and control

Microwave drying equipment adopted is mechanized production, pipelining operation, simple use method, high degree of mechanization.

5.Thorough sterilization

In the drying process of tremella, tremella microwave drying and sterilization equipment can not only dry tremella, but also sterilize tremella, with high production efficiency and cleanliness.

Microwave drying equipment

Difference between microwave drying equipment of tremella and traditional drying method:

The traditional drying method is to take the normal pressure wet air as the drying medium and use steam and hot water as the heat medium to indirectly heat the air. The air heats tremella in the form of convection to achieve the drying method. But the traditional drying method has many disadvantages.

1.Large temperature difference

In the process of traditional drying method, heating from outside to inside makes a big difference in temperature. In this way, drying degree and final fineness of dried tremella are different, but microwave drying equipment of tremella can be uniformly heated.

2.Poor energy saving effect

Traditional drying methods involve the use of all kinds of energy, which not only leads to the waste of energy, but also to the increase of cost. Manufacturers who use natural drying will greatly reduce their production efficiency once it is cloudy and rainy. In the drying process, the microwave drying equipment of tremella only uses a small amount of electric energy, which saves a lot of resources.

3.Severe pollution

No matter using coal drying or gas heating drying, it will produce certain waste gas and waste water and other products that pollute the environment. The tremella microwave drying equipment uses microwave drying to completely eliminate these problems.

4.Many safety risks

The traditional drying method uses the heating method for drying, which has many safety risks, such as fire, gas explosion and so on, but the tremella microwave drying equipment will not have these problems.

Technical parameters of microwave drying equipment for tremella:

Mains inputThree-phase five-wire 380V±10%;50Hz±1%
Microwave frequency2450MHz±50Hz
Nominal input apparent power40KVA
Microwave output power30KW(adjustable)
Microwave input current6A/One magnetron
Microwave operating current0.25~0.3A/One magnetron
The outer size (length × width × height) is about11690mm×840mm×1750mm
Width of conveyer belt620mm customizing
Height of inlet and outlet50mm customizing
Mode and speed of transmission0.5~5m/min(frequency control of motor speed)

Principle of tremella microwave drying equipment:

Microwave is a kind of electromagnetic wave with very high frequency. When irradiated on the surface of tremella, a small part of it will be reflected, but most of it can penetrate into the inner tremella and gradually be absorbed by tremella into heat energy. Its penetration depth is mainly determined by the dielectric constant of tremella and the frequency of electromagnetic wave.

schematic diagram

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