Microwave Vacuum Drying Equipment

Introduce Advantage PDF Download PDF Microwave vacuum drying equipment is to solve the existing problems in the existing technology, and the production and development of mechanical equipment.It includes the box body, vacuum heating chamber and microwave power system, microwave energy feeding system and vacuum system arranged in the box body. The microwave energy feeding system includes several microwave generators, which are connected with cooling fans. The microwave generators are arranged symmetrically on the top of the vacuum heating chamber and on the outside of the four diagonal positions.The microwave power supply system is arranged in the power supply box on … Read more

Multilayer Continuous Vacuum Microwave Drying Equipment

Introduce Advantage Parameter PDF Download PDF Many modern industries need to boil solid substances, extract, concentrate into extract, after drying pulverized into powder, and then through other processes for processing, the whole production process, the enterprise felt that one of the most difficult problems is the drying of extract. At present, traditional ovens and other equipment have problem with discontinuous production process, time-consuming and laborious, high energy consumption, high production cost and low output. Multilayer continuous vacuum microwave drying equipment can solve the problem. Ginseng extract/red ginseng extract powder The unique structure of multilayer continuous vacuum microwave drying equipment brings … Read more