Hopper Type Microwave Vacuum Composite Dehumidification Drying Device

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At present, the drying treatment method of the extrusion and granulation of engineering plastic raw materials generally adopts a hot air drying hopper. The electric heating wire is blown by a hair dryer to spread the heat. Not only is it energy intensive, but it is also less efficient. Another drying method uses the honeycomb spinning molecular sieve drying principle. The main disadvantage is that the molecular sieve regeneration process consumes a lot of energy. At the same time, the drying process will also cause oxidation of the raw materials, which consumes energy and does not protect environment.

The hopper type microwave vacuum composite dehumidification drying device is a new application device that combines microwave technology with vacuum technology. It combines the advantages of microwave and vacuum drying. It overcomes the shortcomings of conventional vacuum drying, such as long drying period and low efficiency.

Engineering plastic raw materials

Engineering plastic raw materials

Advantages of the hopper type microwave vacuum composite dehumidification drying device are as follows:

1. Efficient.

Microwave vacuum drying uses radiation energy transfer, which is the overall heating of the medium. No other heat transfer medium is needed. Therefore, hopper type microwave vacuum composite dehumidification drying device has high speed, high efficiency, greatly shortened drying cycle and reduced energy consumption.

2. Heat evenly.

Since the microwave heating is simultaneous heating inside and outside the material, the temperature difference between the inside and the outside of the material is small, the microwave vacuum composite dehumidifying and drying device does not cause the inconsistency of the inside and outside heating which occurs in the conventional heating, the drying quality is greatly improved.

3. Simple and easy to control.

The microwave has the characteristics of rapid adjustment of power and no inertia, and the hopper type microwave vacuum dehumidification drying device is easy to control at once.

4. The product quality is good.

The quality of processed products has been greatly improved.

Hopper type microwave vacuum composite dehumidification drying device

Hopper type microwave vacuum composite dehumidification drying device

Technical parameters of hopper type microwave vacuum composite dehumidification drying device:

ModelCapacity (kg)Electric (kw)Fan (w)Power (v)Boundary dimension (l*w*h)(cm)Base size (k*k*d)(cm)Net weight(kg)

The principle of vacuum drying:

In the vacuum environment, the boiling point of water in the plastic raw material decreases with the increase of the vacuum degree, the water molecules are converted into water vapor from the liquid boiling to actively overflow from the plastic raw material, the vacuum pump is taken out to the outside to achieve the drying purpose. The gas pressure is lowered and the boiling point of the water is also lowered (for example, at an atmospheric pressure of 101.3 kPa, the boiling point of water is 100 ° C, and at 7.37 kPa, the boiling point of water is 40 ° C). In vacuum conditions, heating the object allows the internal moisture of the object to evaporate without temperature rise.

The principle of microwave drying:

Microwaves have electromagnetic field energy. Microwave heating is an extremely high-frequency electromagnetic oscillation that acts on the material molecules with electrodes,causing the molecular arrangement to change dramatically, resulting in a fierce “friction”-like effect. Make the object hot. This process converts the electromagnetic field energy of the microwave into thermal energy. Water molecules are polar molecules that strongly absorb microwaves. When the moisture-containing material is subjected to microwave radiation of sufficient field strength, the water molecules absorb the microwaves and quickly evaporate, and the materials are quickly dried.

Schematic diagram of hopper type microwave vacuum composite dehumidification drying device

Schematic diagram of hopper type microwave vacuum composite dehumidification drying device

1 is a vacuum pump; 2 is a scroll fan; 3 is a packing silo discharge valve; 4 is a packing silo; 5 is an inflating valve; 6 is a vacuum chamber discharging valve; 7 is a discharging pipe; 8 is a cleaning port; 9 is a vacuum chamber; 10 is a viewing window; 11 is a waveguide flange; 12 is a microwave source; 13 is a raw material bin discharge valve; 14 is a feeding pipe; 15 is a raw material warehouse; 16 is a ball top caliper bolt; 17 is a vacuum Room feed valve; 18 is vacuum chamber exhaust valve; 19 is discharge air supply valve; 20 is discharge air supply filter; 21 is vacuum chamber loading exhaust valve; 22 is feeding dust filter; 23 is Level sensor; 24 is vacuum pipe; 25 is negative pressure pipe; 26 is packing silo feeding valve; 27 is packing silo feeding exhaust valve; 28 is feeding dust filter; 29 is total pipeline dust filter ; 30 is a remote delivery valve; 31 is a vacuum chest dust filter; 32 is a vacuum flapper valve

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