Microwave Rotary Vacuum Dryer

Introduce Advantage Parameter PDF Download PDF Microwave vacuum dryert is a comprehensive high-tech drying equipment that combines microwave energy application technology with vacuum drying technology.It has the characteristics of strong microwave penetration, fast drying speed, high thermal efficiency and low temperature drying. Therefore, this drying method can better maintain the active ingredients and aroma of the materia and has a better water solubility. The microwave rotary vacuum dryer can solve the problem that the microwave generator is too hot to operate normally, itis widely used for low-temperature drying of articles in chemical industries, food and pharmaceutical. Advantages of microwave rotary … Read more

Double Temperature Measurement Microwave Vacuum Test Furnace

Introduce Advantage Parameter PDF Download PDF Traditional microwave vacuum test furnace is used for heat treatment of semiconductor or metal materials. The material will generate gas due to high temperature. This gas will be mixed with some metal elements and adhered to the inner wall of the furnace, after cooling, it will form dirt and the microwave vacuum test furnace is fixedly installed, which is not convenient for the staff to clean. Double temperature measurement microwave vacuum test furnace has the advantages of fast heating rate, high efficiency and good consistency of processed materials. It not only has unique advantages … Read more

Hopper Type Microwave Vacuum Composite Dehumidification Drying Device

Introduce Advantage Parameter PDF Download PDF At present, the drying treatment method of the extrusion and granulation of engineering plastic raw materials generally adopts a hot air drying hopper. The electric heating wire is blown by a hair dryer to spread the heat. Not only is it energy intensive, but it is also less efficient. Another drying method uses the honeycomb spinning molecular sieve drying principle. The main disadvantage is that the molecular sieve regeneration process consumes a lot of energy. At the same time, the drying process will also cause oxidation of the raw materials, which consumes energy and … Read more