Microwave Drying Equipment for Corn

In late summer and early autumn, when the corn is ripe, there are red tassels on its head. When you take off its light green coat, you can see corn kernels like pearls. Corn tends to contain a lot of water after harvest, and the threshing time for corn is usually in November. Such high moisture corn must be dried. Otherwise it is not easy to store or sell.


In recent years, due to the rapid improvement of grain harvest mechanization degree, a large amount of grain is harvested in a short period of time. If it cannot be dried in time, grain loss will be caused. If corn drying equipment is adopted, newly harvested grain can be dried in time. Therefore, Leader Microwave Equipment Company has developed microwave drying equipment for corn, which can help farmers save the cost of grain drying. Meanwhile, the dried corn is better in terms of food quality.

Advantages of microwave drying equipment for corn:

1.Fast starting speed and quick drying

The corn microwave drying machine can generate hot air within 5 minutes after starting, with fast starting speed and timely heating and drying of corn. It has the characteristics of selective heating, uniform drying and rapid drying.

2.Real-time control, easy to manage

Corn microwave drying device adopts touch screen control system, which can transmit the temperature data of hot air system to mobile phone APP in real time, monitor and manage the heating system at any time and anywhere.

3.High efficiencyand energy saving

The efficient electromagnetic induction heating principle and the design concept of superconducting hot air greatly improve the utilization rate of hot air, up to more than 95%, corn microwave drying equipment compared with the traditional drying method energy saving more than 40%.

4.Good quality and long service life

Heating element does not need frequent replacement, a single investment, the working life of more than 20 years, the use of corn microwave drying machine to avoid the replacement of a large number of human resources.

5.Flexible use, greatly reduce the cost

The system operation adopts DSP high-speed microcomputer automatic control, the corn microwave drying machine can realize multi-stage timing, flexible use, reliable operation, the overall operation cost reduction, so as to improve the safety production and economic benefits of the enterprise.

6.Uniform heating and high thermal efficiency

The traditional drying method is heat transfer from outside to inside by means of heat conduction and radiation, while the microwave drying equipment of corn is heated inside and outside at the same time, so the heating is uniform and the thermal efficiency is high. And the heating rate is fast, the heating time of corn is short, which is beneficial to the drying of corn.

Microwave drying equipment for corn

Working principle of microwave drying equipment for corn:

Microwave drying relies on microwave heating, and the working principle of microwave is different from traditional drying methods. Microwave heating is to convert microwave energy into heat energy needed for heating corn by using the dielectric loss principle. The heat absorbed by maize is proportional to the loss factor of its dielectric.

schematic diagram

Today, the corn microwave drying equipment in the market is increasing at a high speed, the corn microwave drying equipment has become the first choice of large grain farmers, corn dryer in the market is facing an outstanding opportunity to develop, with a very broad prospects for development!

The Leader Microwave Equipment Company’s grain dryer is welcomed by customers. Its other equipments, such as ceramic microwave drying equipment, ganoderma microwave drying equipment, red dates microwave drying equipment, etc, are also exported to many countries in the world. The development of microwave technology has not only brought people rich economic returns, but also played a decisive role in the rapid development of local market economy, injecting a new vitality to the microwave industry!