Microwave Egg Tray Drying Machine

Our most common egg tray is made of recycled paper pulp, it is simple to make, low cost, reasonable use of recycled paper, greatly improve the utilization rate of paper resources, conducive to the protection of the environment, is a kind of “green” packaging.

This kind of egg tray is made of pulp, and the drying process is indispensable in the process of making it. Microwave egg drying machine is the quality choice of egg tray drying.

Advantages of microwave egg drying machine produced by Leader Microwave Equipment Company:

1.the heating speed of the microwave egg-to-drying device is high.

In vacuum, the electromagnetic waves propagate very quickly, and the time to penetrate the egg tray is very short. Microwave egg tray drying machine can simultaneously heat and dry the inside and outside of the egg tray. Under the actual microwave drying application, when the surface moisture of the egg tray evaporates, the egg holder will have a temperature gradient from the inside to the outside, which makes the direction of water migration and heat transfer consistent, and can greatly improve the drying rate.

2.Microwave egg tray drying machine energy utilization rate is high.

In the microwave egg tray dryer, the microwave drying device is totally enclosed, and the microwave is not absorbed by all the components, so the microwave is mainly used for heating the medium, and the generated microwave energy loss is small.

3.Selective heating of microwave egg tray drying machine.

The temperature field distribution of microwave drying process is affected by the dielectric properties of the dielectric itself, and the dielectric properties are the nonlinear variation function of the temperature or moisture content of the dielectric itself. Microwave drying process, because of the low temperature and high moisture content, the dielectric constant and dielectric loss are high, so the microwave will be concentrated in the corresponding position, which makes the temperature rise faster. The principle of microwave heating determines that microwave only heats polar materials in wet materials and not matrix materials. Therefore, in the process of heating wet materials, water is mainly heated, and the matrix materials only in the process of moisture discharge through heat conduction has a certain temperature increase.

4.Microwave tray drying system is simple to control.

In the case of microwave incident, the temperature of the medium will increase, and with the stop of microwave input, the temperature will decrease directly. There is a serious temperature lag problem in the traditional heating system, and the temperature control is not flexible enough and results in a large amount of heat consumption.

Heating principles of Microwave egg tray drying machine:

When the dielectric is placed in the alternating electromagnetic field, the molecule with asymmetric charge is excited by the alternating electromagnetic field and rotates. Due to the irregular thermal motion of the original molecule in the material and the interaction between the adjacent molecules, the rotation of the molecule is interfered and limited, resulting in a “friction effect”. As a result, part of the energy is transformed into the thermal motion function of the molecule, that is, it is expressed in the form of heat, so that the egg holder is heated. That is, the electric field energy is converted into potential energy, and then converted into heat energy.

When the microwave egg tray is used to dry the production line, the moisture in the egg tray absorbs much more water than the dry matter in the microwave, and the temperature is much higher. The result of the selective heating of water by microwave in this kind of product makes the moisture evaporate rapidly and the product does not overheat. In particular, it should be pointed out that the dry matter is mainly through the conduction of heat transfer, and the temperature will be relatively low, so that the temperature balance occurs in the egg pedestal.

Microwave egg dryer and microwave rubber drying technology which make efficient use of microwave energy have brought great convenience to the processing industry. Microwave technology will promote the progress and development of many industries.