The drying process of black tea

Now the living standard is getting better and better, our fun is gradually more and more, a lot of people be free and at leisure will bubble a pot of tea taste carefully, by the way think about life, this state is very comfortable. Presumably a lot of people like to drink black tea, and black tea can also play the role of refreshing eliminate fatigue, fluid heat, clearing heat and promoting fluid, diuresis, antiphlogistic sterilization. It is well known that black tea is relatively dry and has been dried processing. So usually how to dry black tea processing? microwave drying equipment for black tea produced by … Read more

Microwave Drying Equipment for Raisins

Many people like to eat fruit very much, fruit contains a lot of vitamins, can supplement the human body needs, among all fruits, grapes are very popular, of course, as people’s dietary requirements increased, grapes were also made into a variety of different delicacies, raisins is one of them. Raisins taste very good, and compared to grapes has another flavor. So how are raisins made? Leader Microwave Equipment Company’s raisin microwave drying equipment can effectively dry raisins. Raisin Advantages of microwave drying equipment for raisins: High energy conversion efficiency, heating speed The raisin microwave drying machine uses microwaves to dry, microwaves are applied directly to the … Read more

Characteristics of Microwave Drying Equipment for Tremella

With the improvement of living standards, people have gradually changed from satiety to good eating. They should not only eat comfortably but also eat healthily. More and more healthy food materials have appeared on people’s dinner tables, such as tremella. Tremella is a good tonic, contains a lot of nutritional elements, often eat tremella can improve the ability of liver detoxification, increase the immune ability to prevent the loss of calcium, but also play a role of beauty and remove freckle. Dry tremella In the production process, tremella is usually dried so that it can be stored for longer. And the drying … Read more

Microwave Drying Equipment for Corn

In late summer and early autumn, when the corn is ripe, there are red tassels on its head. When you take off its light green coat, you can see corn kernels like pearls. Corn tends to contain a lot of water after harvest, and the threshing time for corn is usually in November. Such high moisture corn must be dried. Otherwise it is not easy to store or sell. maize In recent years, due to the rapid improvement of grain harvest mechanization degree, a large amount of grain is harvested in a short period of time. If it cannot be dried in time, … Read more

Advantages and principles of Marble Microwave Drying Equipment

Marble microwave drying equipment is used for drying artificial marble fast curing honeycomb ceramics, daily ceramics, glass fiber, nanomaterials, foam ceramics and other microporous ceramics, which can help stone processing plants to solve a series of problems such as low yield, such as holes and cracks, pollution and high production cost. Advantages of marble microwave drying equipment: 1.The microwave drying machine of marble produced by Leader Microwave Equipment Company improves the yield of stone. The marble microwave drying machine uses pipeline to transport stone, which is stable and easy to connect with the front and rear processing process, which reduces the … Read more

Microwave Rubber Drying Technology

Because rubber compound is bad heat conduction material, it is easy to dry natural rubber compound by using hot air medium burning diesel oil to dry natural rubber compound, which can easily cause the surface layer of rubber to dry first, bond and melt with each other, and the central part of rubber particle appears “white core”, that is, the phenomenon of not parch, which leads to the instability of rubber quality. Microwave drying has the advantages of fast drying rate, high production efficiency, uniform drying and low energy consumption. It is widely used in grain, chemical, pharmaceutical and other … Read more

Microwave Egg Tray Drying Machine

Our most common egg tray is made of recycled paper pulp, it is simple to make, low cost, reasonable use of recycled paper, greatly improve the utilization rate of paper resources, conducive to the protection of the environment, is a kind of “green” packaging. This kind of egg tray is made of pulp, and the drying process is indispensable in the process of making it. Microwave egg drying machine is the quality choice of egg tray drying. Advantages of microwave egg drying machine produced by Leader Microwave Equipment Company: 1.the heating speed of the microwave egg-to-drying device is high. In vacuum, the electromagnetic waves propagate very quickly, … Read more

Salvia miltiorrhiza Pharmaceutical Microwave Drying machine

Salvia miltiorrhiza is a kind of Labiatae plant, which has the effect of removing blood stasis and relieving pain, activating blood circulation and regulating meridians, nourishing the heart and removing annoyance, and has good curative effect on coronary heart disease, chronic hepatitis, early liver cirrhosis and other diseases.Pharmaceutical microwave dryer uses material molecules to interact with high frequency microwave to heat medicinal materials by absorbing microwave. It has the characteristics of selective heating, fast heating speed, uniform heating inside and outside, low temperature sterilization and no pollution. In recent years, it has been applied to the drying of honeysuckle, ginseng, … Read more