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Microwave vacuum dryert is a comprehensive high-tech drying equipment that combines microwave energy application technology with vacuum drying technology.It has the characteristics of strong microwave penetration, fast drying speed, high thermal efficiency and low temperature drying. Therefore, this drying method can better maintain the active ingredients and aroma of the materia and has a better water solubility.

The microwave rotary vacuum dryer can solve the problem that the microwave generator is too hot to operate normally, itis widely used for low-temperature drying of articles in chemical industries, food and pharmaceutical.

Microwave rotary vacuum dryerMicrowave rotary vacuum dryer

Advantages of microwave rotary vacuum dryer:

1. Microwave rotary vacuum dryer uses a cold water pipe and a chiller to cool the microwave generator.

2. Microwave rotary vacuum dryer adopts an anti-blocking block and an insulating layer to increase the drying rate.

3. The water in the cold water pipe can absorb a certain amount of heat, which is beneficial to the effective cooling of the microwave generator, thereby effectively solving the problem that the microwave vacuum dryer cannot operate normally due to the excessive temperature of the microwave generator.

4. The chiller can effectively cool the water discharged from the cold water pipe, improve the condensation effect of the water discharged from the cold water pipe, it is beneficial to later use and effectively save water resources.

5. The condenser can cool water vapor, the buffer tank reduces the moving speed of the water vapor, and reduces the damage of the vacuum pump due to excessive temperature and excessive air pressure shock.

6. The filter can prevent the dust from entering the vacuum drying room.

Microwave rotary vacuum dryerMicrowave rotary vacuum dryer

Technical parameters of microwave rotary vacuum dryer:

Number of microwave tubes36121824
Microwave input power3KW6KW12KW18KW24KW
Tray size550×190×85mm620×265×100mm850×315×100mm820×296×100mm850×315×100mm
Number of trays4561012
Each batch of loading2~5kg4~10kg8~20kg12~30kg16~40kg
Drying ability(kg/H20/h)1.3~2.52.5~55~107.5~1510~20
Enternal dimension1600×1000×22501600×1220×22501850×1650×25002800×1550×25002850×1650×2500
Total weight800kg1100kg1800kg2200kg2800kg
Sketch 1 of microwave rotary vacuum dryerSketch 2 of microwave rotary vacuum dryer

Sketch 1 of microwave rotary vacuum dryer / Sketch 2 of microwave rotary vacuum dryer

Sketch 3 of microwave rotary vacuum dryer

Sketch 3 of microwave rotary vacuum dryer

1.Cabinet, 11. Control panel, 12. Warehouse door, 121. Contact, 122. Observation window, 13. Electrical maintenance door, 2. Vacuum drying room, 21. Pressure sensor, 22. Microwave feed inlet, 23. Slag plate, 24. resisting block, 25. insulation layer, 3. slewing mechanism, 31. rotary axis, 32. rotating bracket, 33. hanging arm, 331. shaft one, 34. V-shaped pylon, 341. tip connection Department, 3411. Rotary shaft 2, 342. End pendant, 3421. Rotary shaft 3, 35. Suspension tray, 351. Vertical plate, 352. Base plate, 36. Motor, 4. Vacuum system, 41. Vacuum pump, 42. Buffer Tank, 43. condenser, 44. first vacuum tube, 45. second vacuum tube, 451. medium efficiency filter, 452. solenoid valve, 5. microwave generator, 51. heat shield, 52. heat dissipation space, 6. Cold water pipe, 7. water tank, 8. chiller, 9. water chestnut, 10. Sub-catchment

How to use microwave rotary vacuum dryer:

1.Evenly spread the thickness of the materials to be dried in the holding tray, close the door, and close the power switch on the control panel when the contact pressures the pressure sensor to a certain value.

2.Open the operation switch of the hopper tray, and the motor drives the rotary shaft to rotate so that the hopper tray rotates around the rotary shaft in a horizontal position in the vacuum drying chamber.

3.Turn on the microwave control switch on the control panel to make the microwave generator work.

4.Turn on the vacuum switch to make the vacuum pump working.And the vacuum drying chamber is pumped to a certain degree of vacuum through the first vacuum tube.

5.The material in the tray is rotated in the vacuum drying chamber with the microwave feed inlet, the water pump and the chiller also work at the same time, and the water chest pumping out the water in the water tank. After the water collector reaches the cold water pipe to realize cooling work of the microwave generator

6.After completing the drying work of the material, open the solenoid valve on the second vacuum tube, ventilate the vacuum drying chamber.Open the door to take out the dried material.

Drying principle of microwave rotary vacuum dryer:

In the action of rapidly changing high-frequency electromagnetic field, the water molecules in the material convert the microwave energy into heat energy in the medium so that the water is uniformly evaporated upwards, the evaporated water vapor is discharged outside the machine through the first vacuum tube, the condenser, the buffer tank and the vacuum pump.

Our service:

The microwave vacuum rotary dryer has a one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance service.

We set up a 24-hour call center to respond quickly to customer messages in one hour.

We have equipment maintenance and repair information library that always escort the normal operation of the user equipment.

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