Microwave Rubber Drying Technology

Because rubber compound is bad heat conduction material, it is easy to dry natural rubber compound by using hot air medium burning diesel oil to dry natural rubber compound, which can easily cause the surface layer of rubber to dry first, bond and melt with each other, and the central part of rubber particle appears “white core”, that is, the phenomenon of not parch, which leads to the instability of rubber quality.

Microwave drying has the advantages of fast drying rate, high production efficiency, uniform drying and low energy consumption. It is widely used in grain, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. The results show that good results have been obtained in the study of the structure and properties of natural rubber and its composites combined with the morphology or ultrastructure of the materials.

The advantages of microwave rubber drying process used in Leader Microwave Equipment Company equipment:

  1. Compared with the traditional hot air drying, the microwave drying time is significantly shortened (from3-4 hours to 15-25 minutes), the production efficiency is high, and a lot of energy needed for long time heating is saved. Microwave rubber drying technology has important application value in the field of natural rubber drying.
  2. Microwave rubber drying method is used to clean production, and it is uniformly dried, which reduces the adhesive, the clamping and hot viscous phenomenon, and improves the consistency of the product. Microwave-dried sheet rubber has better effect than granular adhesive, which fills the gap between domestic and abroad.
  3.  In the existing rubber processing plant, microwave rubber drying method is used to dry natural rubber. In addition to the drying process, the original process and equipment can be used in other processes, which reduces the granulation equipment, saves the investment of the factory, and reduces the discoloration of the film mold. Microwave rubber drying technology is easy to popularize and use.
  4. The natural rubber which is dried by the rubber microwave drying technology reach the technical requirements of GB/ T8081.
  5. Before and after drying of microwave rubber drying process, the surface structure of rubber remained basically unchanged, and the physical and mechanical properties were basically the same as those of hot air drying, but the aging properties of rubber were better than those of natural rubber dried by hot air.

There are many unfavorable factors and problems in the traditional hot air drying of natural rubber:

1.The drying time is long and the heat utilization rate is low.

2.It has a certain influence on the quality of natural rubber. The principle of drying natural rubber in hot air medium is that the drying temperature is transmitted from the surface of the material to the inner layer, the moisture of the wet rubber material diffuses from the inner layer to the surface layer, and the direction of heat conduction is opposite to the direction of water diffusion. But rubber material is bad heat conduction material, heat conduction is slow, cause rubber compound surface layer to dry first, crust, bond with each other and melt with each other, block rubber material capillary, cause rubber compound inner layer moisture to diffuse to surface layer, easy to appear drying incomplete namely “entrapment” or sticky phenomenon.

3.And has the advantages of serious environmental pollution and high production cost.

The application prospect of microwave drying technology:

Microwave rubber drying technology is different from the traditional drying method, and its heat conduction direction is the same as that of moisture diffusion. Compared with the traditional drying method, microwave rubber drying process has many advantages, such as high drying rate, energy saving, high production efficiency, uniform drying, cleaner production, easy to realize automatic control and improve product quality, so it has been paid more and more attention in various fields of drying.

Natural rubber industry is a strategic industry related to national security and national defense development in China. At present, the output of natural rubber in China is about 50-600000 tons. The main products are standard adhesive, tobacco film, white crepe and so on. Microwave rubber drying technology has a broad prospect.

In addition, with the progress of industrialization in China, energy saving and consumption reduction have become an important part of scientific research in China. Therefore, the application of microwave rubber drying technology in various drying fields will be carried out more widely and deeply.