Microwave Vacuum Drying Equipment

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Microwave vacuum drying equipment is to solve the existing problems in the existing technology, and the production and development of mechanical equipment.It includes the box body, vacuum heating chamber and microwave power system, microwave energy feeding system and vacuum system arranged in the box body.

The microwave energy feeding system includes several microwave generators, which are connected with cooling fans. The microwave generators are arranged symmetrically on the top of the vacuum heating chamber and on the outside of the four diagonal positions.The microwave power supply system is arranged in the power supply box on the side of the box.The power box is connected with the exhaust heater.There is a non-contact infrared temperature detector on the top of the box, which can detect the instant temperature of the material when it is heated.

Front view of microwave vacuum drying equipment

Front view of microwave vacuum drying equipment

What are the advantages of microwave vacuum drying equipment compared with conventional vacuum drying?

Conventional vacuum drying is to transfer heat from the outside to the material heat according to the principle of heat conduction. Heat is always transferred from the outside to the inside to heat the material. The transfer speed is slow and the heating time is long.And there is inevitably a temperature gradient in the material, so the heating material is not uniform, resulting in local overheating of the material.

Different from traditional heating methods, microwave heating is a kind of heating method that relies on the absorption of microwave energy by an object to convert it into heat energy, so as to raise the temperature of the whole body at the same time.It has a strong penetrating ability. Through the high-frequency reciprocating motion of dipole molecules inside the heated body, internal friction heat is generated to increase the temperature of the heated material. Without any heat conduction process, the material can be heated internally and externally at the same time.The heating speed is fast and uniform, only a fraction or a few tenths of the energy consumption of traditional heating method can achieve the heating purpose.Its heating efficiency is 2〜10 times higher than conventional vacuum drying equipment.

Microwave vacuum drying equipment schematic diagramMicrowave vacuum drying equipment schematic diagram

Microwave vacuum drying equipment schematic diagram

Principle of microwave vacuum drying equipment:

1、Box body 2、Vacuum heating chamber 3、Microwave power system 5、Material arrangement mechanism 6、operation panel 41、Microwave generator 42、Cooling fan 43、Sealing flange 21、Pumpdown mouth 51、Bleeding point 52、Relief port

The control system of microwave vacuum drying equipment is a PLC control system, including a display screen and an operation panel set at the door of the box.The display screen can intuitively display the heating temperature of the material, and at the same time, the upper and lower limits of the heating temperature can be set by the operation panel according to the requirements of the actual process, so as to realize the automatic adjustment of heating power.

Why is microwave vacuum drying equipment worth buying and using?

Wide application:no matter in food or in medicine, medicine, polymer materials and other aspects can be used for vacuum drying.

Environmental protection and energy saving:The whole microwave drying equipment only needs water and electricity, and there is no waste water and waste gas in the drying process.According to your local resources and environmental requirements, choose the right drying equipment more in line with the national environmental requirements.If you need to buy drying equipment, the first choice must be microwave vacuum drying equipment.

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Adhering to the spirit of “scientific and realistic reputation and sincerity”, the company insists on scientific and technological innovation and honest management, adopts advanced technology and strives to develop new mechanical equipment.Microwave equipment can not only optimize the production efficiency of the enterprise, reduce the production cost, but also improve the working environment of the workshop because of the characteristics of no radiant heat of the equipment, is a good choice of microwave vacuum drying equipment and microwave rotary vacuum dryer for modern enterprises to upgrade equipment and build new production lines.If you are interested in our machines, please contact us immediately!