Microwave Drying Experiment of Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum tea is one of the top ten famous scented tea in China. Chrysanthemum tea is suitable for drinking all the year round and quite popular among people. Common drying equipment is difficult to meet its requirements, even if the drying requirements are met but output can not go up, so many enterprises choose industrial microwave drying machine for fast drying. Mr. Yu, from hangzhou, zhejiang province, is the owner of a factory that makes deep processing of chrysanthemums. Hang baiju is planted in large quantities around the factory. Come to the season that chrysanthemum comes on the market in great quantities immediately, … Read more

Microwave Drying of wool tops

In the finishing process of printing and dyeing, the drying of textiles is an important process in the whole process.Its drying effect has a significant effect on the final product color, intensity, pomeness, etc.Therefore, drying technology has become the research focus of textile printing and dyeing industry. At present, the drying methods of domestic textile dyeing and finishing industry are mainly divided into hot air drying and radio frequency drying.Hot air drying has the advantages of low cost and low maintenance cost, but the drying time is long, the efficiency is low, the products tend to yellowing and embrittlement after … Read more