The drying process of black tea

Now the living standard is getting better and better, our fun is gradually more and more, a lot of people be free and at leisure will bubble a pot of tea taste carefully, by the way think about life, this state is very comfortable. Presumably a lot of people like to drink black tea, and black tea can also play the role of refreshing eliminate fatigue, fluid heat, clearing heat and promoting fluid, diuresis, antiphlogistic sterilization. It is well known that black tea is relatively dry and has been dried processing. So usually how to dry black tea processing? microwave drying equipment for black tea produced by Leader Microwave Equipment Company can dry black tea very well.

Black Tea

Advantages of microwave drying equipment for black tea

1.Stainless steel material to ensure the health of black tea

Microwave drying machine for black tea is made of industrial-grade stainless steel, which is very clean and hygienic, and the whole drying process is carried out in stainless steel container, so it can avoid the secondary pollution of black tea.

2.Advanced manufacturing technology and intelligent PLC

Like some large intelligent equipment, microwave drying machine for black tea is made with advanced production technology and has strong practicability. And the equipment itself is equipped with PLC control system, can achieve automatic control, so as to help manufacturers reduce labor costs.

3.Small floor area, simple operation

Microwave drying machine although the production is very large, but its volume is small, small floor area, and the use method is simple, can help manufacturers reduce the site costs, and can save labor costs.

4.Stable performance, reduce downtime

Unlike manual operation, microwave dryer has superior performance, can be continuously produced, 24 hours non-stop, and even thus can be used for a very long time.

5.Drying and sterilization function simultaneously on a variety of materials

Microwave drying equipment has a very strong practicality, not only can be used to dry black tea, can also play the role of sterilization, but also can be used as a variety of different materials drying sterilization, help manufacturers to save a lot of production costs.

Model and technical parameters of microwave drying equipment for black tea

MoldConveyor tunnel belt
Microwave output power100kW Tunnel structure, adjustable power
Dimensions8500 * 810 *2000㎜
Inlet height55㎜
Width of conveyor belt1200㎜
Conveying speed0.5〜10 m / min
Working temperature-5〜40℃
Manufacturing standardsMeet the national GB10436-89 standard≤5mw/cm2
Meet GB5226 electrical safety standard

Difference between black tea microwave drying equipment and traditional drying method for black tea

Traditional drying methods are mostly natural drying or high temperature heating, but compared with microwave drying equipment, the disadvantages are very obvious. The most obvious difference is that the drying time is very long, and the drying is uneven, which leads to the deterioration of black tea, which is not conducive to subsequent sales, and the dried black tea taste will also be different. Microwave drying equipment can avoid this series of disadvantages.

With the development of science and technology, microwave technology is more and more widely used, such as frozen seafood microwave defrosting equipment, tea mushroom microwave drying equipment, cloth microwave sterilization equipment, etc, are playing a very important role in our life.

Now more and more people tend to buy black tea processed by black tea microwave drying equipment, because these black tea after drinking the lips and teeth stay sweet, refreshing, as if in nature, it is with the help of microwave equipment, our future will be beautiful!